Upper limb Baby Early Action Observation Training


Start / End Date:  2015

Chief Investigators

Prof Roslyn Boyd, Prof Jenny Ziviani, Dr Andrea Guzzetta, Prof Virginia Slaughter, Ms Micah Perez, Ms Lisa Findlay, Ms Bernadette Shannon (ARC Australian Research Council DP110104292)

Summary of results

We exceeded our recruitment targets for UPBEAT - having a combined cohort of 47 (intended sample of 40) healthy term-born participants; and a combined cohort of 34 (intended sample of 32) participants with asymmetric brain injury (asymBI). In July 2014,  Professor Boyd and Dr Guzzetta presented early findings from the study at an international summit for early detection and intervention in Vienna.  We are continuing to analyse UPBEAT data and are preparing to submit papers on the new assessment ‘Grasping and Reaching Assessment of Brisbane’ or the ‘GRAB’, which was designed by the research team to evaluate the early development of reaching and grasping behaviours in babies with asymBI.  Early detection of reaching and grasping asymmetries between hands can allow for prompt and early intervention that may help these babies to develop more complex upper limb motor skills that they will need later in life.


Professor Roslyn Boyd, Ph: +61 7 30697372 or E: r.boyd@uq.edu.au