Our eight key research themes reflect the significant areas of need for investigation in infants, children, adolescents and adults with Cerebral Palsy, Acquired Brain Injury or Traumatic Brain Injury.

Since establishment in 2007, the QCPRRC has achieved more than $20m in funding including 8 NHMRC projects, 5 NHMRC Fellowships, 2 Qld Government projects and Fellowship, ARC project, NIH project, 8 philanthropic grants and 4 NHMRC/UQ equipment grants. UQ has shown ongoing support for the Centre through $5.2m in strategic funding.

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Including novel interventions to optimise neuroplasticity.


Nature of the brain injury and the link to outcomes (motor, manual, communication, musculoskeletal and executive function).

Early detection

To predict outcomes and fast track families to early interventions.

Novel therapies

Including the potential of stem cells and neuroprotection strategies.

Nutritional outcomes

Growth, nutrition, physical activity, physical fitness and muscle mechanics.

Parenting interventions

As a model of environmental enrichment.

Translational research

The implementation of evidence based interventions into clinical practice.

Education and training

Training the next generation of clinical researchers (Medical and Allied Health).