A Kinect version of “Move it to improve it” Mitii™: Move it to improve it for Children with Acquired Brain Injury

Mitii ABI

Funding source:  QLD Government

Grant Type:  Smart Futures Co-Investment Fund

Start / End Date:  2013 to 2015

Chief Investigators

Prof Roslyn Boyd, Prof Jenny Ziviani, Ms Emmah Baque, Ms Adina Piovesana, Ms Stephanie Ross, Dr Lynne McKinlay, Owen Lloyd.


Mitii ABI is one of two studies within the “eBRAIN: Neurorestorative Rehabilitation Program", funded by the Queensland Department of Innovation program ($1M funds received from Qld Government, 2012-2015) which matched support from our major donor the Merchant Charitable Foundation. MiTii ABI has also been supported by a grant from Perpetual Trustees ($79,910 in 2012).

About the study

Mitii™ for children with acquired brain injury (ABI) has been tested on 60 children in a randomised controlled trial.  Mitii ABI and Mitii CP studies are the largest randomised trials of web-based training for children with an early brain injury to be conducted internationally. Mitii was conducted using a multi-modal approach with multiple disciplines as virtual trainers (Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Psychologists) delivering virtual games that combine uni and bimanual co-ordination, functional strength, and balance in the context of visuospatial and cognitive challenge. We will now be able to look at whether 20 weeks of intensive Mitii™ training can improve upper limb functioning, physical activity and cognitive skills in children and adolescents with an acquired brain injury.

An important component of the eBRAIN program has been use of advanced brain imaging (functional MRI, functional connectivity) to elucidate the mechanisms underlying changes due to the training to determine if Mitii drives neuroplasticity in collaboration with scientists at eHealth at CSIRO. Additional funding from Perpetual Trustees to support the participation of remote and isolated families from throughout Queensland and New South Wales, and the Foundation for Children has supported children with ABI to participate in the program. The eBRAIN program has resulted in 47 peer reviewed publications and 8 awards thus far.

Summary of results

All participants have finished the Mitii training program and did a great job completing up to 48 hours of training!  Over the next year Emmah and Adina will be analysing the outcomes to report back to the participants and to publish the findings.

Additionally, as part of her PhD and the Mitii ABI study, Emmah will be looking at how much energy children with ABI use while completing daily activities such as walking at different speeds, home tasks and playing an interactive therapy program.


Professor Roslyn Boyd, Ph: +61 7 3069 7372 or E: r.boyd@uq.edu.au

Ms Emmah Baque, Ph: +61 7 3069 7363 or E: e.baque@uq.edu.au