What is the AutInsight research project about?Child and parent

We have developed an online parent support program for parents of autistic children based both on the scientific literature on parenting and the reflections of autistic adults. Autistic adults told us that they wanted unconditional acceptance and for their parents to understand them as people – they wanted parenting that was grounded in insight and understanding of their unique autistic self.

We need your help to ensure that AutInsight is beneficial for families. This study is about testing whether AutInsight makes a difference in the lives of families of autistic children. It is also about getting your feedback on AutInsight so it can be improved further.

What does the AutInsight involve?

The AutInsight parent support program is a 5-week online group program (one 2-hour Zoom session per week) aimed at supporting parents of autistic children to:

  • develop greater insight and understanding of autism from the inside out, drawing on the perspectives of autistic adults,
  • strengthen their relationship with their child, and
  • develop practical strategies for parents’ self-care.

The program is informed by Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and attachment theory and developed based on feedback from autistic adults. An advisory group of autistic adults (including some parents) has been involved in this study from the outset, giving feedback on the questionnaires, materials, and the program.

Can I participate?

You can participate in this study if you are:

  • the parent (including adoptive, stepparent or legal guardian) of an autistic child (10 years or younger) and
  • have reliable internet access

I would like to participate, what are my next steps?

If you would like more information about the project or if you would like to participate, please contact Sarah (details below):

Name:                                Ms Sarah Lee

Email:                                lee.jy.sarah@uq.net.au

HREC Information:

The University of Queensland Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) has approved this study. If you have any concerns and/or complaints about the project, the way it is being conducted or your rights as a research participant, and would like to speak to someone independent of the project, please contact the Ethics Coordinator on +617 3365 3924 / +617 3443 1656 or email humanethics@research.uq.edu.au

Study Investigators:

Clinical Psychologist & PhD Candidate, Sara Lee Ms Sarah Lee
Clinical Psychologist & PhD Candidate
Centre for Children’s Health Research




Senior Research Fellow, Dr Koa WhittinghamDr Koa Whittingham
Senior Research Fellow
Centre for Children’s Health Research



Senior Lecturer, Amy MitchellDr Amy Mitchell
Senior Lecturer

Parenting and Family Support Centre