Kia Ora: Auckland fun at 2018 AusACPDM and PSANZ conferences

2 Apr 2018
AusACPDM 2018 Scholarship Winners
AusACPDM 2018 Scholarship Winners

In March 2018, 10 members from the QCPRRC team were privileged to attend the 9th biennial AusACPDM and 22nd PSANZ Conferences, in Auckland, New Zealand.


The theme of the conference focused on ‘Empowerment and Partnership’. The AusACPDM provides a multidisciplinary scientific education network for health professionals to share latest scientific findings and to promote best practice clinical care for children and adults with CP and developmental conditions. With over 550 registrations from all over the world, AusACPDM had an impressive list of international keynote speakers, including Mr Richard Ellenson, CEO of Cerebral Palsy Foundation. Richard shared his personal experiences as a parent with a child with CP, his vision in disseminating knowledge of CP to all audiences (The CP Channel), and his dedication in raising awareness about people with disabilities.  

The QCPRRC team has also been awarded a number of recognitions from the AusACPDM, including Most Promising Career Award (Dr Jo George), and 2018 AusACPDM Conference Travel Scholarships (Sarah Reedman)

AusACPDM 2018 programme also included free paper presentations, scientific poster display, breakfast sessions and workshops – Find out more.

Presentations from QCPRRC are as follows:

AusACPDM 2018


Dedicated to improving the health and long term outcomes for mothers and their babies, the 22nd PSANZ Annual Congress aimed to broaden perspectives of perinatology; stimulate research activity; present scientifically rigorous and valid new information and provide a forum to debate this new information and other ideas. As invited speakers to the conference, Prof. Roslyn Boyd, Dr Jo George and Dr Kerstin Pannek presented on the PREMO Toolbox: Early Biomarkers to Predict Motor Outcomes in Infants Born Preterm.

The Australasian Cerebral Palsy Clinical Trials Network (AusCP-CTN, led by Prof. Roslyn Boyd) had also presented a number of panel discussion sessions, including “Implementing Early Diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy across Australasia” and “Hot Topics on Neuroprotection for Cerebral Palsy”.

For more information: PSANZ 2018 programme.

Presentations from QCPRRC were as follows:

PSANZ 2018