Professor Roslyn Boyd awarded Mentorship Award 2018 by AACPDM

18 Dec 2018
Dr Leanne Sakzewski (L) and Prof. Roslyn Boyd (R) at the AACPDM
Dr Leanne Sakzewski (L) and Prof. Roslyn Boyd (R) at the AACPDM

Professor Roslyn Boyd was awarded the American Academy of Cerebral Palsy (AACPDM) mentorship award for her mentorship of research in the field of Cerebral Palsy.  Dr Leanne Sakzewski and Prof. Catherine Elliott nominated her for the award, which was presented at the Annual meeting in Cincinatti.  Prof. Boyd has mentored over 27 PhD students with 23 completed, 2 MPhil, 2 Clinical Doctorates in Psychology, 12 Physiotherapy honours (all 1A), and 13 MBBS honours (11 as 1A, 2 as 2A Honors).  Ros has had a long-standing involvement with the American AACPDM since 1997 and has served on number of committees. Members of Ros’s team have been awarded the Gayle Arnold Award for best paper at the AACPDM on three occasions. Ros has also been involved in the International Cerebral Palsy Conferences and has served on a number of the boards and scientific committees including the International Academies of Child hood Disability. Ros is most proud of the development of the Australasian CP Clinical Trials Network, which involves 5 sites around Australia which as really moved cerebral palsy research forward in Australia.  This network has created a framework for mentoring students and early career researchers conducting researchers along the pipeline from bench to bedside and then translation.  One of the very exciting developments is the work in India with Dr Kath Benfer, training over 200 clinicians on early detection and implementation of a clinical trial called “Leap CP: learning through everyday activities and play” which has led to the screening of over 900 infants for risk of CP and enrolling 147 families in this novel clinical trial.

Full presentation can be viewed here.

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