QEDIN: The Queensland Early Detection and Early Intervention Network

18 Dec 2018

The Advancing CP in Queensland program has implemented the new Queensland Early Detection and Intervention Network (QEDIN) across Queensland.

Ethics approval has been achieved for recruitment of clinicians and referral of infants for screening at risk of Cerebral Palsy status from 9 out of 17 Hospital and Health Services across Queensland by our research co-ordinator for Infant Studies Dr Tracey Evans. The network has already trained over 200 clinicians in standardised assessments for the early detection of CP by conducting 4-hour practical courses on the Hammersmith Infant Neurological Assessment (HINE), and further General Movements Training will be conducted in March 2019 in Cairns and Brisbane. 

The QEDIN team has been actively assisting local teams to screen for infants at high risk of CP using the Baby Moves App to retrieve videos of infant between 12-16 weeks for screening on the General Movements Assessment.  Dr Joanne George together with other Queensland HINE trainers have conducted 12 HINE courses for more than 200 clinicians across Queensland.  This has enabled infants at high risk of Cerebral Palsy with Absent Fidgety Movements and or low scores on the HINE to be referred to clinical trials that the infant is eligible for.  Current studies that infants can be recruited to include REACH, GAME, and PREBO, and new studies that have commenced are (Early-PACT, NEBO, Wearable Sensors, and VISIBLE).